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Yugen - Memory Reminder/Todo List App

A reminder that appears every time you turn your screen on. Stop forgetting!

A todo list that also works as a memory reminder.

Are you always forgetting things? Do you need an app that works as a memory reminder?

Yugen is a todo list app with a twist, it will appear every time you turn your phone's screen on/off. The idea is to use your reliance on your phone as a way to get things done.

- Todo list functionality
- Simple design for a todo list app
- Adding/removing items
- Appears every time you turn on your phone's screen(optional). This is the memory reminder functionality.
- Can also appear in front of your lock screen(optional)
- Can appear only when you have items on the list(optional)
- Simple suggestions(shopping, exercise etc.)

Recommended for
- People who forget to do things frequently
- People who need a memory reminder as well as a todo list app
- People who need to record a list of things
- People who forget what they have written in their stock memo/todo list app/notepad app

Yugen is still a work in progress. We're open to any ideas you might have about functionality. We also love it when people report bugs to us. You can contact us at [email protected]




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