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Play this online game named Mozarts Friend.

Mozart's Friend, the companion app for music education and the practicing musician.


Mozart's Friend includes an interactive music library with over 1,200 scales, modes and chords for every music key signature, complete with piano view and neck view for 6, 7 or 8-string guitar and 4, 5 or 6-string bass. Notes and intervals are labeled using music theory conventions, making Mozart's Friend a great companion for the composer or music student. One-touch audio demonstrations provide interactive ear training.

The chromatic tuner function tracks notes quickly and accurately, even against background noise, giving a clear view of your tuning from across the room.

Mozart's Friend includes the first metronome with fully programmable tones and intervallic beats, allowing you to quickly outline a chord to play along with. Transpose keys easily in a single swipe.

Jam Tracks, a one-touch backup band! Just select a musical style and you're up and running. Tailor your track on the fly quickly and precisely with adjustable tempo and key!

At just 0.74 MB, no other app has made so much power available in such a lightweight and easy-to-use companion. Mozart's Friend was designed to be the one source for all your musical essentials. Save hundreds of dollars on devices and educational materials. No more wires, batteries or books to carry around.

Programmable Metronome:
- Precisely dial in any tempo using the slider and fine tune keys
- Tap Tempo feature acquires beat quickly and accurately
- Odd and complex time signatures like 7:8 and 9:8 time
- Adjustable volume and tone
- Adjustable visual feedback
- Choose any musical interval between the offbeats and downbeat
- Automatically mutes the metronome during incoming calls and other foreground events

Chromatic Guitar Tuner:
- Fast, smooth note tracking
- Accurate to +/- 0.8 cent
- Precise frequency display
- Easy-to-read large readout and sharp/flat indicators for handsfree operation from far away
- Uses your Android device's built-in mic
- Resistant to noise compared to other tuners

Musical Reference:
- Over 1,200 scales, modes and chords in every key signature
- All notes and intervals labeled using music theory conventions, including double sharps and flats
- One-touch ear training with audio demonstrations
- Piano view and fretboard views for 6, 7 or 8-string guitar and 4, 5 or 6-string bass
- Save user-defined custom tunings for every instrument
- Quickly find any interval anywhere on the neck

Jam Tracks:
- One-touch rhythm/band accompaniment
- Musical styles include Jazz Fusion, Funk, Rock and Blues
- Various rhythms like Triplets, 7:8, Shuffle, Bulerias
- Adjustable key signature
- Full control of tempo using the slider, increment keys or Tap Tempo
- Perfect for earbuds and sound docks

- Uses microphone audio for tuning function.

Uses minimal space and system resources. This app does not save nor send personal data and contains no ads.


- Samsung Galaxy S4 plays a distorted sound instead of the tonal beep.

- Some Android models may not be compatible in tuner mode.


- Consolidated classes. The build size has also been reduced.
- Minor layout updates.
- Added sync correction for audio/visual feedback. This keeps the audio and visual more tightly locked in with the time, particularly on devices with a lot running in the background.



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