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Play this online game named SPARKS.

Key Features:

-Find match based on key word entry!

-Private chat window

-Navigate to individual chat from main window

-Reveal your identity by unlocking your profile

-Location based match with search radius settings

-Separate contact list and chat list

-Notification and Profile settings

As a starting point to see how the APP works, you can try with the statement "Welcome to NeTworth". Characters are not case sensitive but precise for match
Only one device can be registered for a phone number. Reinstalling into different device is allowed but should be unique always
Find Match based on Key word entry!. You will be notified for matches and match will be only with one person at any time. You can retry the same word or different word any number of times for different matches
Currently the MATCH TIME is kept for 24hour time frame. If the word you entered is passed 24 hour then it will no more be in the match pool. This is due to the fact that your thoughts also might change with time
For matched words the matching is indicated with a "Arrow Mark". You can either click the arrow mark to directly navigate to the private chat window or directly access the chat in the "Chat" window
You privacy is important, Hence chat header is shown with the MATCH WORD and doesn’t reveals neither of the users details. You can reveal your identify using "Reveal my Identity" at your wish. You can even Block/Unblock the user anytime. Once you block the user you will not be able to exchange messages, until you unblock again
To maintain your privacy, all your messages are encrypted in server and chat messages are never stored in servers. "We will offer cloud storage options to store your chats in future release"
You will be able to see the profile view of the other user only when he/she has revealed their identity. You need to add the user to your contact through "Chat window" in order to see their profile info
Default Location settings is Off which means the match search is Global
You can prioritize your search for your location by setting search radius. The possible options for radius are 100KM from your location, 500 KM, 1000 KM, 2000 KM. Whenver your have set radius the priority is always given to the nearest person to you and if none is found in the given radius then global is applicable as default
You can SET any wallpaper of your wish to your chat background
You can delete your "Spark" words anytime
The APP requires working Internet
You can switch off your notification sound for the APP in SETTINGS tab. This only means that notification is controlled but rest of the functions works normally
You can use the search function to search the keywords or chat headers. Content search feature will be provided in future





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