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Use UptoPlay to play online the game solar life.

About the app:
Can get live and history data of PV, battery and load through connecting Bluetooth app.
1. Real-time monitoring
2. 60 days data memory
3. Can read the data of PV, battery and load.
4. Can select battery type
5. Can change battery protect voltage
6. Can set the working mode of the load.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game solar life.


Developer: skywise

Genre: Tools

App version: 2.0.6

App size: 13M

Recent changes: Solve the problem of long time waiting


July 2019. Not seen by a new android phone with latest os.. android phones neither seen nor paired even at distance of one or two feet. Now, 5 months later still have not connected to device. Useless to me. January 2022. No change still can't connect.

Blue tooth is horrible and to try to set parameters by the box is almost impossible..I like the charger but the software needs fixing! Might benefit from a wi-fi connection too......I'd love to be able to see things on my computer

It gets the job done, but you need to manually reconnect to the blue tooth every time you open the app, and periodically even while the app is open it loses connectivity and you have to reconnect. Why it can just connect when the app is open, I don't know. I have a Bluetooth grilling thermometer and any time I have the thermometer on that app connects automatically every time I open the app.

Horrible! App takes 90 seconds to launch (Pixel3aXL Android 10) once connected constantly fails to send commands and/or retrieve data. Load ON/OFF control buried 2 menus deep, assuming it can even successfully connect. Returning controller. Sale lost because of the app.

not a great app but it does it's job. would be so awesome if the controller/app could remember the history even when disconnected"

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