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Welcome to the Civilopedia for Sid Meier's Civilization VI! Here you will find detailed descriptions of all aspects of the game.

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Developer: Jianing Zhan

Genre: Tools

App version: 2.7.0

App size: 203M

Recent changes: April 2021 Game Update


Great app, most of the infomation is completly up to date. The only issue is that the stock images are missing for a lot of the newer civs. I would recommend adding a section that describes the DLC better. (Example: At the bottom of the Zulu page include the r&f sign)

Great app! But can I recommend you to add a "city planning" tab, getting correct adjacency bonuses for districts can be a pain in game without having the correct tech/Civic and/or not having a city settled where you want the district. Along with this adding a method to save presets of city layouts would be helpful too. (Thanks for now adding that in)

Handy to have, both while playing and away from the game. Not had to access things, but can be a bit clunky at times. Also doesn't cover mods, but that's understandable, considering the hundreds available. Can't just run PediaLite like you can on the PC.

must have for anyone that plays Civ 6. Its offline guide is comprehensive and easy to navigate and is constantly update. Only gripe is that the pictures associated with some of the newer updates are not added but that does not take away from the usefulness of this app

Good app so far. However the white background on the main screen (concepts, major civilizations) is very hard on the eyes. This app would benefit from a dark theme on the white background.'

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