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SmartPhone Theft Detector

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Play this online game named SmartPhone Theft Detector.

Smart Security app is used to detect theft based on mobile phone usability routine. This will actually facilitate the user with his/her daily routine pattern in a way that when you go with this application this will ask you for your e-mail and mobile phone number by default. This Android based service maintains a complete log of activities that are done by the user. For example, use of messaging, internet, and calling routine for a limited time and then on the bases of these routine activities log, it will generate a usability routine pattern. Now whenever usability routine of mobile phone changes then service will detect this anomaly by matching with previously stored patterns and gets the geographical location of mobile and capture the picture of current user and send a notification via SMS and email to specified number and email address.
- Password Protected
- Generate Pattern
- Check Pattern
- Capture Picture from Front Camera
- Send Sms and Email in background
- Send Geo-location in background




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