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This complete Javanese language pack (full offline) contains complete Javanese language learning materials, ranging from krama inggil, Javanese script, paribasan, tembung saroja, dasanama, and many more. suitable for students who are in the learning stage.

You can get an in-depth discussion of the Java language in just one small and light application. use it offline, without requiring an internet connection at all. This Javanese language application consists of 7 chapters, starting with the pramasastra chapter, the kaweruh appearance chapter, the kaweruh basa chapter, the literature chapter, the Javanese script chapter, the paribasan chapter, and the wayang purwa chapter. All are summarized in one complete and offline application of this complete and offline Javanese language kaweruh pepak.

In this Javanese language pepak there is also a discussion of:
* Javanese script is used to write traditional Javanese letters,
* Javanese paribasan whose contents are almost the same as proverbs in Indonesian material
* parikan like a rhyme in Indonesian material
* various Javanese songs
* Javanese songs, for example, Javanese macapat songs
* the origin story of hanacaraka writing
* a collection of names of puppet characters such as the family of the Pandavas, the Kauravas
* Javanese dictionary translation from Ngoko language, to Krama Inggil.

Javanese language pack features | complete javanese pepak:

+ complete material (entire chapter)
+ page zoom feature
+ feature block, copy and paste (copy - paste)
+ simple design and easy to use
+ light & fast
+ small size
+ fully offline

This Javanese language pepak application is certainly far from perfect, and is still in the process of developing and adding Javanese language features to facilitate the process of reading, writing, and learning Javanese. Like the conversion feature of Latin writing into Javanese script. Typing Javanese characters with the results they read. Complete Javanese script starting from basic letters, pairs, murda script, swara script, partner script, and Javanese numbers. Javanese script writing can be saved as an image. Javanese script writing can be copied as text. and other features.

The application is made with a simple design for easy navigation and user experience. Hopefully it is useful and can be a guide in learning Javanese language properly and correctly.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Pepak Bahasa Jawa Lengkap.


Developer: Artha Digitech

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