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This most complete mawlid barzanji contains recitations of mawlid al barzanji with clear Arabic text.

The book of Mawlid Nabi al-Barzanji was written by Shaykh Jafar al-Barzanji. while the name Barzanji is taken from the name of its author, a Sufi named Sheikh Ja'far bin Husin bin Abdul Karim bin Muhammad al-Barzanji. he is the author of the well-known and well-known Mawlid book called Mawlid al-Barzanji. the written work is actually titled 'iqd al-jawahir (jewel necklace) or 'iqd al-jawhar fi mawlid an-nabiyyil azhar. barzanji is actually the name of a place in kurdistan, barzanj. The name al-Barzanji became popular in the 1920s when Sheikh Mahmud al-Barzanji led the Kurdish national rebellion against the British who at that time controlled Iraq.

this application contains the book mawlid diba, mawlid al barzanji, mawlid simtudurror, qoshida burdah, mawlid syaraf al anam. Comes with Arabic text that is easy to read, and Latin text and its translation. read the maulid al barzanji which contains sholawat readings, prayers, and the history of the life of the great prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

hopefully with this application it will be easier to read, learn, and of course can increase our love for the great prophet muhammad peace be upon him, because we can read the history and sholawat on the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. may we belong to the group that is recognized as the people of Rasulullah, and will get his intercession in the future. amen...

Features of the Barzanji maulid application:
- mawlid diba' ( )
- mawlid al barzanji ()
- simtudduror ( )
- qasidah burdah ( )
- mawlid Syaraf al Anam | SYAROFUL ANAM ( )

- Arabic text is clear and easy to read
- copy paste text (copy - paste)
- simple and easy to use
- application size is small and light

hopefully this application of al barzanji, diba', simtudduror, and the complete maulid group is useful and can be practiced consistently.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Mawlid Al Barzanji.


Developer: Artha Digitech

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