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This is a timer application. It combined timers, stopwatches and counters in one app. This app is very suitable for using in kitchen and cooking that you can save your whole cooking recipe's time settings in a file. The timer can also be used to control exposure of the phone's camera.

Features of the app includes the following :

1. The number of timers/stopwatches/counters are unlimited.

2. Every unit of timer can be operated as a timer, a stopwatch or a counter.

3. The timers can be controlled by volume up / down keys of the phones. This makes the functioning of the timer likes a real timer, stopwatch or counter.

4. The timer can be used as trigger for the phone's camera to take photo. When combined with 'repeat' timing mode, it can be used to take phone repeatably with fixed time period. ( ie. time-lapse photos)

5. A simple slide viewer is provided to show the 'time-lapse' photos.

6. All timers setting can saved and loaded from file.

7. The display precision is 1 second when the timer is under either timer or stopwatch mode.

8. The timing error of timer is about 3 ms per second before calibration. You can do a calibration check using our calibration script on our developer's site.

Note : User manual of the timer can be found by clicking 'Menu' key or press 'H' on the main screen.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Multi-Timer.


Developer: ibsoft

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