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Chess Openings Wizard is where tournament players go to work on their openings.

The app is based on the Bookup program that first came out in 1984. It has full editing and training power like its brethren apps on Macintosh and Windows.

Openings can be moved back and forth to the Macintosh, Windows, and iPad versions using a free Dropbox account.

Chess Openings Wizard does not play chess, nor does it come with a game collection or a vast opening overview. (There are many free apps that do those things.)

Chess Openings Wizard is meant for designing openings for White and designing defenses for Black, and then testing the player on his or her knowledge of the lines by playing mock games.

Some sample ebooks are included, but the most important ebook is the one you make for yourself.

A free chess engine server program can be run on Macintosh or Windows to allow your Android to use the latest and strongest UCI engines for live analysis. (The Android device and the server must share the same WiFi connection.)

The short version is: if you are designing an opening with either a game database app or with a playing program, you're working too hard. Chess Openings Wizard contains 34 years of refinements, with precisely the tools that a serious tournament player requires to prepare openings fast. Chess Openings Wizard is a mobile companion app for the same program on Windows and Macintosh. With it you can move your opening repertoire onto your device (Android and iPad) and prepare anywhere.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Chess Openings Wizard.


Developer: Bookup Chess

Recent changes: Chess Openings Wizard build 57 starts up in two seconds. It fixes a bug preventing it from opening ebooks in the new 2022 format. Dropbox support is improved (for moving ebooks to and from Windows and Mac).

Older versions froze on startup for some users.

It brings diagram enhancements (optional algebraic hints, arrows showing the last move).

The diagram has optional algebraic hints and arrows that show the last move made.

A button for editing comments allows scrolling without editing.

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