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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Moonifest.

Moonifest app is your guide to manifesting using the energy of the 8 moon phases.

Start with an intention and watch as you awaken your goddess energy, strengthen your intuition, and attract your desires effortlessly!



Today's Moon Phase: Every time you open the app you'll see the current moon phase (in the northern hemisphere) along with a description explaining how to work with that phase's energy.

Set Your Intention: Each New Moon will prompt you to set an intention according to what you desire to manifest. Check out the examples to guide you!

Intend & Reflect: Connect and reflect on your intention using our suggested techniques that are specific to the current moon cycle.

Moon Phase Reminders: Turn on reminders to get notified when the moon enters each phase to make sure you connect and reflect with each unique energy!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Moonifest.


Developer: Samantha Shaibani

Genre: Health & Fitness

App version: 0.0.15

App size: 42M

Recent changes: New fonts!
Updated intention log :)
Faster loading time


Very buggy but I really like the app itself. I'd use it if it didn't crash.

Great app to focus tasks, improve wellbeing, and learn about lunar cycles and their spiritual contexts

the idea is amazing and i waa so happy to try it out. but the app is incredibly buggy, i couldnt even sign up with google play and after signing up with ither medium i realized i cannot use the app, i cannot navigate it without it getting unresponsive and then just leaves me no option but close it and open it again over and over!

Can't use the app because despite prompting me to sign in with Google, it won't actually let me. The button to use Google to sign in is useless.

I'm giving four stars because this app has potential, however it's indeed very buggy. When you guys fix it, I'll reinstall the app and give five stars."

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