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Magical Lock 8

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This is a click screen surprise entertainment game.
Each one of casual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprise pictures Oh!

Simple and interesting, constantly clicking on the screen, the most popular surprise game, waiting for you to play ~

Different pictures, different content, different mystery, different ways of playing, ready to enjoy this entertainment game app! With more keys, multiple surprises, open the super mysterious final surprise picture! What rich rewards are hidden in this insurance? Keep getting the number of key touches until the number of touches is 0 until you can open the lock. See how much surprises and fun there are in the box. This game is very addictive!

In this application, you have to collect the full key touch so that it is possible to open the safe, so trying to get all the key touches will be the ultimate goal and purpose, which requires a lot of time and effort to complete Mission, in order to enjoy the fruits of victory, time, effort, focus, click, etc., want to break through the indispensable, step by step, when the number is 0, you will get a surprise, get all the key touches in a down-to-earth manner, it is broken Off the key, this app has a mysterious surprise picture present.

Full of casual background volume, full of different surprises, waiting for you to play ~
The safe is a fun and fun-filled casual game that combines a variety of key touches with surprises and fun.

Introduction to the game:
* Select the lock you want to open
* Keep clicking on mysterious safes with your fingers
* Until the safe opens to get a surprise picture

Great for everyone, lots of different key touches and surprises, letting you pass the time and eliminate boring entertainment games.
Never miss the game, come and play exciting lock games and enjoy the surprises!

Let us know that we must work hard to make a result, the sense of accomplishment of the surprise picture, and the process of hard-clicking are very rare experiences. The same reason, we must click hard to click, we can break the mark, it is the best for everyone. One of the surprise games.

The next version is expected to be updated:
1. Add 25 surprise pictures from 5 to 30. (left and right button selection)
2. Add a new currency system. (watch an ad or play a small game to get money. Use to buy touch or skill and upgrade)
3. Add a lot of small games to make money. (A total of 27. Each has its own game features and rich gameplay elements. Unique gameplay. Very exciting and fun. In addition, there are BOSS levels that can be challenged. Get a lot of money.)
4. Add a store system. (Can be used to purchase 3 kinds of skills. There are 3 kinds of STR for each skill, TIME, CD, you can purchase the upgrade separately.)
5. The maximum file size is 90MB. A lot of game elements.
6. Also. Made some fine-tuning and corrections. Better shake the animation. When a surprise picture appears, the banner will close. Add a share button. and many more

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Magical Lock 8.


Developer: Magical Egg 2

Genre: Puzzle

App version: 5.2.2

App size: 60M


'sucks ass ngl'

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