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You assemble your team ... You fight hundreds of monsters.... You upgrade your weapons.... It sounds like EVERY idle game. What changes this time? The whole world! The true fate of the war between dimensions depends on your leadership skills....

Do you think that humanity in 2022, currently is highly developed militarily? Maybe you think it's still not enough to fight aliens, monsters or other titans?
This time you won't complain, because you yourself have an impact on the military development of your warriors during the inter-dimensional war!
The stone is only enough for you to defeat basic opponents, at the very beginning of the game, but what next! - What two heads is not one! Merge your warriors with the same equipment to unlock new abilities and multiple weapons, against attacking monsters.
Stones, bows, swords, catapults, trebuchet, lasers, or maybe a fireball?
Everything in its own time, because the biggest enemy, may just turn out to be time!

Every idle monster appearing on your island, has one goal. To take it over! War takes no prisoners, but hierarchy is important nonetheless.
1 monster= problem
10 monsters= 10 problems!
At the head of each army of 10 monsters, a powerful boss appears on your island looking to avenge his allies! This will be a difficult challenge for your warriors, so merge into strength the whole army, and protect the island from monsters!
Exceptional warriors may turn out to be mages, who, with the right merge skills, can give you a powerful victory in this war.

Not here! Don't limit your warriors to a specific number! Are you afraid that they will fall off the island? This is a war! Make it bigger! This is your world, your island, your warriors so you set the rules yourself!
For each defeated monster you will get a corresponding amount of cash. Collect cash and spend it to set your rules on the island and not be defeated. With the earned cash from defeating monsters, you can buy new soldiers to fight, whom, after merge the same weapons, you will train into powerful warriors, relative to your preferences.

Idle island: merge war is a simple and very intuitive game for hours of fun for adults and kids alike. Compete right now in this free idle game with your family and friends!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Idle Island: Merge War.


Developer: CyberSky Games

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