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The mod fire camping field trip, let's go camping with Baldi. Your goal is to keep the fire alive for 3 minutes. You can play it safe by throwing small
amounts of firewood onto the fire to survive, or you can take a riskier strategy by trying to gather a lot of pieces of firewood and throw them in all at once in fire.
Extra fuel gets converted into big extras ! Of course, in the les go camping fire camp field trip mode, higher scores will get you wining rewards!
Baldi was at school and taught mathematics, now you have a trip to the Camping! let's go camping! The difficulties, Learning are great and lovely and the most this is now the best Features!
You need to collect all 8 of the notebooks and escape the school, all while avoiding, let's go camping mission is collect wood sticks in the fire camp for baldis to keep fire on field trip, otherwise buldi is very angry and come to catch you.
Can you do it?
This is the best Featears !
baldi Basic field trip Education Android Learning in School fire camp is an easy horror school game, fully 3D interactive, fun-time educational
and camping game that teaches a slew of subjects
You need to collect all 9 of the notebooks and escape from the school, join baldi school bus to go camping. Scary, crazy teacher has friends in the school that will slow down your progress and put you at risk of being caught, fire camp is full of traps and wood sticks so learn
how each character works and you can avoid their attention and barriers.
Can you do it ? First, on the way you are waiting for more and horror characters who live in the buldi's school. Perhaps they will be even
a little more frightening than a cleaning lady. For every wrong answer or fire out,Teacher can arrange a horror for you if he finds you, then there will be no turning back. To survive you need to know all the basics of Baldis horror school.
Basics game :
- Simple controls make it easy to solve problems
- Rotation mode for greater challenge! move pieces in groups
- You will experience a real horror school
- Solve problems in the laptop pads
- Find a way out of scary school
- collect woodsticks for keeping fire alive for baldi.

Why did they kill Baldi, our beloved math teacher? Why does Baldi have to die? As you know baldi accidentally attaches to YCTP causing baldi
to be killed when the 3rd question is wrong you must already know that the 3rd math problem from which you may think is impossible to answer correctly to the pad. Don't get the question wrong or baldi go to the coma or dies instantly. escaping the school of sadness. If you can save Baldi from his death coma and don't let Baldi kill again to turn into a scary Baldi horror monster.
As you can see something terrible has happened to our lovely teacher baldi is in a coma and some people are saying that baldi
died, maybe he is dead now because someone doing bad things at school coma. Something really bad finally happens to baldi and makes him unconscious in a coma, we don't know yet why baldi fell into a coma and how baldi hurts himself but as we know when you respond to a bad third math question baldi's go to the coma.
finally, after collecting all woodsticks, baldi friends bring the teacher to the coma.
In the hospital there are: the crying principal, the sad recess, the angry 1st prize, the sad bully, the arts and crafts, I have to sweep and
the name of the file2 get together to visit Baldi in a school bus asleep and unconscious. . But there is one more in Baldi field fire camp trip game that you can explore upside down when you answer wrong answer only and much more in Baldi Coma edition play more to get more special buldi ending. Just FYI the baldy horror school bus is a combination of out of control trap and baldi's death so fun first chapter would be. I saved Buldi from his coma! baldy part 2 the world of dreams is next!
Download Baldis game in School fire camping now and enjoy this horror new game.
Thank you! Amusement and good luck.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Education Learning fire camp.


Developer: Éducation Android Learning

Recent changes: Baldi Coma BUg fix 2023 Campfire

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