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Baldi 100 Impostors Survival

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Baldi vs 100 Impostors Survival
play as you try to get your spaceship ready for departure, but beware because there will be red impostoers on, the can use sabotage to wreak havoc,
and panic, trying to destroy the Baldi shuttlle and kill all Crewmate.
Can you escape from the scary and crazy teacher behind doors, and struggle for impostor's survival ?
welcome to baldi vs Red Impostors in the classe rooms strategy escape game. that challenge you to survival.
you must run quickly as possible and open 1OO doors and get in each rooms to find only Red Impostors. don't let Baldi, enemies and ghosts catching
get throught each door to find red Imposters to survive, find key, puzzle and solve all education and learning math problemes at school to help
Crewmate to escape from all rooms to end this horror space shuttlle mystery.
find and kill only the red impostors to escape this scary space schip even if you have to opena 101 closed door to stay alive. try to find a quick
and easy way to get out of each space shuttlle room and avoid the crazy Baldi and the angry monsters, otherwise they kill you !!!
challenge all obstacle, enigme, puzzle and enemy such as ( Baldi's, Ghosts, Monsters...) from beyond the planet earth survive and save the univers.
Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or by discovering and voting the impostor off the ship.
Explore Baldi's Shuttle to find all Red impostors in the rooms of the school ship , make sure you Discover all impostors hide between the crewmate.
As this Spacecraft school has a crasy teacher, explore all doors to discover the secrets of the space craft and surprise your teammates in action for
the survival of the Crewmate.
Tap on all the doors in shuttlle to learn more about mathematics. Practice performing tasks of your school spacecraft and different rooms of this
city of imposters. Eliminate only Red impostor whos spying among other colored impostors and don't let them take control of the Baldis spaceship.

- Plusieurs modes de jeu. (Story Mode et Endlass Mode)
- Use Buttons / Joysticks to run, jump and move around.
- Drag on the screen buttons to find all impstors and find the last exit door as fast as possible.
- Be careful !! The Crazy Baldi his monsters are hiding and readyto catch you at any time.
- Use "Run Button" as possible you can it's helping you to escape.

- 100 strategy escape rooms and doors.
- Horror school education and learning in spaceship.
- Eesy game and addictive gameplay.
- Education and learning solving basics math problemes to exterminate Red imposters.
- Are you smart enough to escape through 1OO door and save the Crewmate ?
- fun and engaging action game. Your mission is simple: execute all Crewmate alive
in the spacecraft. Let no one survive.

Download Baldi's Vs Red Impostors and enjoy this gameplay.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Baldi 100 Impostors Survival.


Developer: Éducation Android Learning

Recent changes: Baldi vs impostors new graphics. Survival Level mode.

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