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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Blocktoidz.

Blocktoidz is a challenging arcade style puzzle game where you can get your name on the leader boards unlock new levels and challenge your friends.

How to play

The games objective is to remove rows by filling them with the blocks provided. Some levels may require you to remove rows already filled with pieces or to just remove as many rows as you possibly can to achieve the best possible score.

Swipe controls allow you to move the block left and right by swiping and swiping up will rotate the block and swiping down will place the block on the first thing it touches

Combining blocks of the same colour will give you tokens which are used as a score bonus so its important to try and get as many as possible for a very high score

Game Modes:

max combo of 4 rows
rows can have a single piece gap before breaking
no score multiply

max combo of 2 rows
rows can have a single piece gap before breaking
but must be full to achieve a combo
slightly faster drop speeds
2x score multiply

no combos
rows have to be fully filled before breaking
faster drop speeds
4x score multiply

Time trial:
Get as many points as possible before the time runs out.

Destroy the starting object in the level as fast as possible
level ends when all original rows are destroyed and your score
is based on how fast you destroy it.
You then will unlock the next level.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Blocktoidz.


Developer: Spartanfox Productions

Genre: Puzzle

App version:

App size: 18M

Recent changes: Welcome to the newest update for blocktoidz!

Updated the android version to the new standard
Updated settings page to be much nicer than before
Added pagination to the online highscores


Blocktoidz is a fun tetris-like experience, it adds good depth and variety to the traditional gameplay and has leaderboards to continually challenge yourself locally and online.

Amazing and super addictive

owo brought me here

I like it.

Good game update tho?'

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