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The Handbook of Art History learn a means by which we can understand our human past and its relationship to our present, because the act of making art is one of humanitys most ubiquitous activities. Art History leads to a number of professions in the field such as education, museum and art gallery work, work in cultural heritage or the art market, while architectural historians can find opportunities in heritage, preservation and policy.

Table of Content

1. Thinking and Talking About Art
2. Prehistoric Art
3. Art of the Ancient Near East
4. Ancient Egyptian Art
5. Art of the Aegean Civilizations
6. Ancient Greece
7. The Etruscans
8. The Romans
9. The Byzantines
10. Islamic Art
11. Art of South and Southeast Asia Before 1200 CE
12. Chinese and Korean Art Before 1279 CE
13. Japan Before 1333 CE
14. Native-American Art Before 1300 CE
15. Africa Before 1800 CE
16. Early Medieval Europe
17. Romanesque Art
18. Gothic Art
19. The Italian Renaissance
20. The Northern Renaissance
21. The Baroque Period
22. South and SoutheastAsia After 1200 CE
23. China and Korea After 1279 CE
24. Japan After 1333 CE
25. The Americas After 1300 CE
26. Oceania
27. Africa in the Modern Period
28. European and American Art in the 18th and 19th Centuries
29. Europe and America from 1900-1950 CE
30. Global Art Since 1950 CE

As an art historian you will learn about this rich and fundamental strand of human culture. You will learn to talk and write about works of art from different periods and places, in the same way that other students learn to write about literature or history.

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