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The Handbook of Anatomy and Physiology learn the scientific study of the body structure and their functions. A single organism is composed of billions and trillions of cells, tissues, and organs. These structures include both microscopic and macroscopic. Cells are microscopic structures which are examined only under the electronic microscopic, whereas organs and organ systems are macroscopic structures which can be easily seen through our naked eye.

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
2. The Chemical Building Blocks of Life
3. Organization at the Cellular Level
4. Organization at the Tissue Level
5. Integumentary System
6. Skeletal System
7. Skeletal System. Parts of the Skeleton
8. Joints
9. Muscular System
10. Overview of the Nervous System
11. Central Nervous System
12. Peripheral Nervous System
13. Special Senses
14. Autonomic Nervous System
15. Endocrine System
16. Cardiovascular System. Blood
17. Cardiovascular System. The Heart
18. Cardiovascular System. Blood Vessels
19. Lymphatic System
20. Immune System
21. Respiratory System
22. Digestive System
23. Nutrition and Metabolism
24. Urinary System
25. Body Fluids and Acid-Base Balance
26. The Reproductive System
27. Human Development and Pregnancy
28. Reproduction, Chromosomes, and Meiosis

Both Anatomy and Physiology are derived from the Ancient Greek language, anatomy meaning study of the structure of organisms and physiology meaning the study of regular mechanisms, and their interactions that function within a living system.

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Readium Project is a true open-source project, permissively licensed under the 3-part BSD license.

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