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Application for hikers, bikers, moto-bikers, travelers, adventurers and for everyone, who needs perfect maps especially for outdoor activities.

The application provides access to the most relevant worldwide online maps, which can be downloaded and saved as offline maps, usable without internet connection. There is around 50 good topographical maps covering whole world, mostly derived from OpenStreetMap. The maps are useable without Internet connection and with the ability to improve their readability on a small screen. The app also contains a lot of GPS and map functionality, including editor for route planning, track recording, voice navigation...

Download Map

Creation offline maps by downloading is the most relevant feature of this apk. You can define explicitly map source, map area and zoom range. Offline maps work everywhere without internet connection. Created maps are usable in other apks, e. g. Locus, Orux... Printable JPG format is also available.


The apk provides all functions, what you need in terrain, like voice navigation and watching progress related to the elevation profile. The quality of navigation depends on how you get the route.

Routing & Planning + GPX Editor

Finds route from point A to point B with option Road - Bicycle - Hiking. Route is calculated by OpenStreetMap or MapQuest server. You can also use comfortable GPX Editor to draw or edit your own route. Elevation profile is generated automatically. Distance and slope measurements are possible. The application supports data synchronization via the Dropbox or Google drive cloud storage.

Objects - Points of Interest

The application downloads various types of objects, that are interesting for traveling and outdoor (accommodation and restaurant facilities, water springs, cultural and historical objects...). Optionally, the objects appear on the map.

Tracking - Track Recording

The app records the track, you have traveled. The log contains not only GPS coordinates, but also information about time and altitude. Trackpoints, including title and photos, can be added to the log. Live Tracking lets you track your location on the web server.


If Tracking is on, you can continuously watch some information as well as a cyclocomputer:
- total time
- passed distance
- climbed up elevation
- current slope in %
- current altitude
- current, max and averge speed

Social Networks

The application supports access to social networks and enables to share your own routes.

Countries Covered by this Apk

Europe:,, Austria (2), Czech (2), France (2), Hungary, Italy, Norway (2), Poland (2), Romania, Slovakia (4), Spain (2) , UK

World: ArcGIS, Google, Kompass,, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, OpenTopoMap, OutdoorActive, New Zeeland, Israel (2), US (2)

Note: Because of possible changes on the map servers, it can happen, that a map is working today, but does not have to work tomorrow. In such case, please, contact author.

Also suggestions to include new maps are appreciated.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game WorldMapper.


Developer: Miroslav Langer

Recent changes: new map format Files
smart watch support
access to Google drive & Dropbox
vector maps
RUN mode
voice navigation
map magnification
drawing elevation profile
GPS sound notification
show line when tracking
download map as JPG
Share your track
getting elevation data from web
watching progress on the route related to the elevation profile
improved GPX track editor
better map layers management
info about found route
categories of points of interest
smooth map rotation

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