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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Who is spy.

It is a simple logic board game which can play with friends with one cellphone without network. Here are the rules:

Use 8-player-game as an example, Of course you can set any player number according to the count of friends:

[1] 7 players of 8 get a same word, they are Averages. Another one get a different word, he/she is the Spy. At this time Averages and Spy don't know the identity of himself/herself or others.

[2] Everyone say something to describe what he got to give his companions tips and should not let the Spy know what the real word is. For example, if Averages got "dog" and Spy got "cat", they may say "It's an animal", "It has four legs", "It is a pet" or something ambiguous to test others' identity.

[3] After description of everybody, all the players vote who is the one might-be-spy. Who get the highest vote should be out. If real Spy is out, then the Averages win. Otherwise, game continue for another speaking and voting round. If some players got same votes, they should say something and let other players vote out one of them.

[4] If there are 3 players left (If all players count less than 7, it would be 2 players left) and Spy still not out, then Spy win.

[5] If there is a Blank in game (you can set it, that would bring more fun)he/she gets no word, so he/she don't know how to describe, he/she should pretend like he/she know something to avoid being voted out. Averages should find out who is Mr. Blank and vote him out before the Spy, otherwise Blank would win if Spy is out.

Game operations:
Just see the help menu in game.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Who is spy.


Developer: Jie Meng

Recent changes: Update lexicon.

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