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People used to believe that perfect pitch (more correctly known as "absolute pitch") is a skill you either acquired as a young child or not--that it couldn't be developed later on. But this has been proven incorrect! Studies show that even adults can learn absolute pitch. (Google for references: PMID 31686378, PMID 32513059, and PMID 31550277.)

Developing it is a matter of training your brain to remember a pitch. Our brains are already good at remembering a pitch for a short time--think of an a cappella group getting their starting pitch and then there are a few seconds of delay before they start singing. So we just need to prolong the length of time that our brains can remember a pitch until eventually each note's specific "color" is unforgettably ingrained. Our memories work via spaced repetition, which basically means that each time you learn something over again, you will remember it longer.

WhichPitch uses these principles by automatically playing a random pitch at time intervals of your choosing (and during the times of day you choose), and then it gives you the answer in a notification a couple seconds later. Don't look at the notification until you've decided which note you think it is! Start with just 2 notes and then add in more after you can reliably distinguish between those ones. Another method is to start with only 1 note to try to tune your ear to that one first before adding a second note.

WhichPitch purposefully randomly chooses from multiple octaves of the notes you've selected so that you will focus on the unique color of that note's sound rather than its specific frequency.

You may initially feel like it is impossible, but keep at it! Learning absolute pitch takes consistent effort over time, probably months rather than weeks. And when you first acquire it, it will be fragile--you might lose it and regain it a few times before it sticks. We'd love to gather some data on how long people of different ages take to acquire it, and also what your experience was like, so please share those details when you rate the app!

Technical notes (pun intended):
- The notes in this app use the A440 pitch standard with twelve-tone equal temperament
- The instrument sounds are physically modeled rather than sampled (meaning they are computer-generated sounds, not recorded real instruments) to prevent any imperfections that could give non-frequency-related hints about which note you are hearing
- Instruments were carefully selected to provide different timbres while also meeting frequency range criteria
- Painstaking efforts were made to design the different instruments' sounds to be as pleasing as possible, but, alas, not every instrument can sound as soothing as a harp
- The loudness of notifications from WhichPitch is determined by your notification volume setting, not your media volume setting
- The lower pitches may sound quieter due to limitations inherent in your phone's tiny speaker drivers, but this does not interfere with the objective of the app
- Different flavors of Android try to conserve battery in all different ways, often by limiting notifications from apps running in the background; if, after using WhichPitch for a while, you find that it's not pushing notifications as often as you've set, you can try going to your general battery settings and turning off things like Power Saving Mode/Adaptive Battery/Battery Saver (and we've put a convenient button in the app to take you right there if you need it)
- If all those battery efforts fail, you can go to and see if they have any other solutions specific to your phone manufacturer

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game WhichPitch: Gain Perfect Pitch.


Developer: taylorjayc

Recent changes: The whole thing is new! This is the first official release, which is the culmination of years of working on this project. We hope it will change your life.

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