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What is my Internet Speed

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Use Internet Speedometer to check how fast or slow is your Internet and check the performance. With just one click, you can measure download, upload, ping check through thousands of servers worlwide. This Speedtest meter is free tool to determine your Internet speed. This app can test speed for DSL, ADSL, 4G and 5G devices. This speedometer can also be used to check cellular mobile connections for example LTE, VOLTE, 3G, 4G, etc.

- Check Wi-Fi signal strength and find higher bandwidth spot
- Highly advanced Ping test to check network availability
- Test Download and Upload speed with Ping latency
- Throughly detailed speed test information in real-time

Wi-Fi speed checker:-
- Find stongest Wi-Fi signal strength in your house using speedometer app.
- And possibly find who is using your Wi-Fi if your Internet conenction is getting slow
- Provides detailed Wi-Fi channel analysis around you
- Wi-Fi speed analyzer can also use to scan devices to find who is using your Wi-Fi and Internet

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game What is my Internet Speed.


Developer: WIN APPS

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