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This application links in with all the WCCs social media services, Forum, WCC Quiz System and the WCC Weather System for Vermont.

About the Company:
The Overstrand Conservation Foundation (OCF), now trading as Whale Coast Conservation, was established in 2002. We are a member based organisation founded with the mission to unify, coordinate and promote environmentally sustainable living in the Cape Whale Coast region of the Western Cape, South Africa .

Our vision is that the Cape Whale Coast community will be a vibrant, environmentally sustainable community. Whale Coast Conservations activities are governed by our constitution and guided by an elected management board, which represents the interests of the our members. Our work is performed by a small team of employees assisted by volunteers and partner organisations.

The OCF is registered both as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), which means that donations and bequests to the organisation are eligible for tax deductions. Since the founding of our organisation, we have adopted the view that the sustainability principles provide the basis for the achievement of environmental conservation and that achievement of a vibrant, one-planet / sustainable lifestyle is the common vision and ethos to which the Cape Whale Coast community must aspire.

Whale Coast Conservation is based in Hermanus, Overstrand, the main centre of Cape Whale Coast in which we are active. We divide our work into four focus areas, each with its own strategic objective:

Eco-Management (including Eco-advocacy and Eco-watch)

Cape Whale Coast is world renown for being at the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom and for being host to the Marine Big Five. It has as its slogan Cape Whale Coast wonder never cease. This is a nice but somewhat naive thought, given the fact that development pressures and lack of effective environmental management over recent decades has seen serious degradation of and threats to the biodiversity and aesthetics of the environment throughout the region. Whale Coast Conservations Eco-Management work is directed at halting the environmental degradation and ensuring wonders never cease!

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