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Web Filter App : Adult Blocker

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Do you want to block all adult websites while surfing internet or want your children to use your smartphone and refrain from sites and contents which are inappropriate and blocked? Or you want App blocker to block specific apps ? Well here is a real deal in shape on Web Filter App - Adult Blocker.
Web Filter and blocker will help you to block all websites with adult content and helps you to avoid unsolicited content.

Adult Blocker
This helps you to block all adult content while surfing internet. It will stop all sites with unsolicited things from appearing and you will not distracted from your goal of surfing internet. Porn blocker will blocks all known adult sites by default which are already included in this blocker app and making sure that you dont see any inappropriate content. You just need to enable it and you will be protected while surfing internet.

App Blocker
It helps you to block app from accessing or stop user to access specific app. App Blocker helps you to stop access from your apps. You can add any app to the list and App Blocker will block that specific app from opening.

Keyword Blocker
Different peoples get offended by different words so this feature helps you to block specific keywords while surfing internet to avoid any distraction. You can add it to list and this keyword will always blocked when appeared.

Safe search
It ensures that adult content is filtered in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This also helps to block inappropriate videos.

You can always check which websites are blocked at which date and time. Moreover you can also check either that website is blocked by keyword or URL. History section will also helps you to check and monitor about the browser being used to block websites. All record of search is maintain within this blocker app with details like (Website name, date, time, keyword or url, browser used etc).

Custom Block Screens
You can customize your block screens with variety of blocked screen images and animated screens. As you are going to be a part of our community, You will be awarded freebies which include custom animated screens and image. You can set them from settings.

Password Protection
Disabling this app can be easy so we have provided Password protection feature to protect this app from disabling by anyone. If anyone tries to enable/disable sites blocker feature. Password will be required. You can setup Pin Code, Pattern and Fingerprint(if available in your phone) from settings to protect this app from intruder.

Uninstall Protection
Most common problem with other available apps is that they can be easily uninstalled so this app provide uninstall protection. No one can uninstall this app without your consent. This requires device administrator permission (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN).

You can always schedule to a time when you want Web Filter App to start and stop protection. You can use built-in schedules such as (Sunset to Sunshine , Office etc) and even can setup custom schedules.

This app comes up with multiple language support and personalise your app with your own language. If you are unable to see your language in the list kindly notify us on [email protected]

DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR : Used to prevent anyone from uninstalling your app without your consent.You can disable it anytime from app settings.
ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE : Used to block websites.
SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : to show a block window over web content.

In case of any queries contact [email protected]

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Web Filter App : Adult Blocker.



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