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The Mental Health WAY application was created to offer benefits to mental health and well-being through the construction of an emotions diary, listening to frequencies and harmonic music, leading people to a state of relaxation associated with the practice of meditation.
Frequencies are sounds that simulate 3D audio through acoustic illusion, generating several benefits to the brain such as reducing stress, anxiety, increasing concentration, improving sleep quality, stimulating memory, among other effects.
Through the Emotions diary, the person builds a coherent story together with the expression of negative emotions, giving new meanings to past and current events. This occurs because it requires a great capacity for introspection, an examination of events from different angles and a re-signification of the value and meaning of the experience.
The effects of frequencies bring great benefits to our Mental Health.
The best known benefits of this sound therapy are:

Decreased anxiety
Increased focus and concentration
Decreased stress
Increased relaxation
Good mood boost
Promotion of creativity
Greater pain control

The application makes available to the user, programming the desired times and days, to listen to the frequencies; choose the type of wave for what you want, for example: stress reduction.
In addition, the application offers the option of harmonic music that helps with relaxation, meditation and anxiety. These songs were specially developed to help promote the well-being and mental health of users.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Way Minder Saúde Mental.


Developer: Way Minder

Recent changes: Melhoria no Player.
Sincronização de episódios.
Melhorias no diário das emoções.

Faz bem mais sentido proteger seus funcionados.
Organização sustentável e sinônimos de Saúde mental, venha conhecer a Way Minder.

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