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Play this online game named Watchdog.

Watchdog is a very usefull app to help people who are victims of stalking and/or bullism, especially women and young people, but also other persons who works alone and/or in dangerous conditions or who live alone, such as old people.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

For Watchdog to function correctly it is necessary to grant admin right, no kind of operation is done to your device execpt initiate "sleep" please accept .

Watchdog is a Device Adrministrator App, if you want uninstall the app, you have to follow this path in your Smartphone:
Settings / Security / Device Administrator and click on Watchdog.
Now you can uninstall the app from the device.

Watchdog is very easy to use.

First of all, you have to insert almost one telephone number to contact in case of danger (for example your parents, your partner or one of your friend’s telephone number) Secondly , you have to touch the Watchdog Logo on your smartphone and the app will start to monitor your smartphone’s rake angle.

If your smartphone is positioned horizontally and it keeps this inclination more than 30 seconds, the Watchdog app will launch the alarm automatically.

The alarm has 3 functions, Call, SMS and Video Recording, you can personalize your alarm from the settings.

After the start up phase, these 3 following operations will automatically occur:
1° : If the call is enabled, Watchdog will call all the contact inside the contact list.
2°: If the SMS is enabled, Watchdog will send an SMS with your location to all the contact inside the contact list.(If the app can't detect the address it will send the coordinates in order to make the position reachable in any case)
3°: If the video recording is enabled, Watchdog will make 15 minute video to record what is happening, in order to use it in case of trial.

Once you are safe, you can disarm the alarm simply touching again the Watchdog Logo.


The app does all the operations in background. During the monitoring service you can regularly your smartphone paying not to keep in a horizontal position.
During the emercency phase, the phone seems to be in the Sleep Mode in order not to attract the attention of the aggressor.

You can also activate immediately the alarm using the widget directly on the screen.


We suggest to keep your smartphone always in your hand or in your pocket and not inside your bag, because you might start the alarm even when you don’t need help. For your first use of the monitoring service, we advice you to shake your smartphone in order to regulate and calibrate the motion sensor.


Little bug fixed for Android 7.0



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