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Zombie Shooting Games - Virus Zombie Outbreak is one off the best free shooting zombie games at this moment. In different maps and with different weapons you need to kill all the virus zombies.The end of the world is near. Be like warriors, killing wicked zombies and stopping the dead rising in the last day of the world. Help to stop a zombie apocalypse. Choose your favorite weapon, keep your finger on the trigger, survive and shoot to every living dead! The game has 10 levels. The higher the level, the harder the battle and the more wicked zombies will attack you! You need to kill the living dead army to complete the level. Run, jump, defend yourself and don't get eaten!

With killing the virus zombies each battle you earn coins. With those coins you can unlock new cool weapons. Some weapons, like a shotgun, are perfect to kill the old-school slow movers and for the fast movers you better use the assault guns like a M416A. Maybe you like a sniper rifle, pistol M1911 or MP5, so pick you favorite weapon, aim to every walking dead and shoot zombies hordes and defeat zombie boss! Stop the zombie apocalypse!

- Free zombie shooting games genre.
- A single-player game.
- Different weapons.
- Walking, jumping and running.
- Face the undead.
- Change weapons due playing the battle.
- Kill different kinds of wicked zombies.
- Don't get eaten.
- Defend yourself.
- Zombies.
- Experience shooting gameplay against zombies.
- The number of zombies, hordes, will increaded each battle.
- Enjoy shocking music and sound effect.
- Experience the sensation of firing wildly.
- New weapons.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Virus Zombie Outbreak.


Developer: jmo game development studio

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