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Virtual Girlfriend: Romance With Naughty Girl

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You wake up, get ready for college. Drive to College and meet with your partner. Talk to her and can take class with her or can go to cafe. The short meeting in cafe ends with a french kiss and make a plan to go out with her on a pool party, Both sit in the open roof car and drive to the pool. Both are enjoying in pool with other friends and swimming in the pool party. In girl games, they enjoy altogether while playing games with each other and enjoying a dance party with virtual girl, have a drink and spend good time with naughty girl in college life. Later in the evening, go to watch a movie with virtual girlfriend and enjoying a lot there. After watching movie with dream girlfriend go for dinner in a turkish restaurant and propose a girl and say the magical words, I Love You. Make your friends jealous of your Virtual Girlfriend, because your this sexy youre naughty girlfriend is going to dance for you , she will flirt with you or you can flirt with her or you can do romance with your Virtual Girlfriend, she can show you some really amazing dance moves and you can dress your girlfriend as you like because you are going to get a lot of dressing options with this girlfriend app. Touch her body park to make her happy, sad, angry, love and romance etc. Naughty Girlfriend will appear that you're talking to a real sexy girlfriend. So take her as your virtual gf and chat with this pretty girl. You can remove clothes from your girlfriend body and change them as you like.

After you have a girlfriend, you need to fulfill the desires of super girl, they both are going for shopping in the mall and they are very happy and enjoying a lot. After the shopping they go for a hangout with friends of virtual families. He introduces girl friend with his bestie and she looks very happy, she has a smile on her face and look so gorgeous that he cant control to kiss a girl and romance has been started among love birds.

Some days later, they are going for celebrating birthday party of naughty girl. He arranges a lot of surprises for her and give her a surprise gift and they really enjoy this dance party, and dream girlfriend asks him to kiss me in love story games.

Girlfriend: I am very depressed.
You: yeah. We should relax our minds before exams .
Girlfriend: Yeah !! You are right.
You: it's too cold in Switzerland now a days .
Girlfriend: yeah I heard in the news last night.
You: want to go to Switzerland with me..!!

Virtual girl is very happy and they are travelling to Switzerland and enjoying a lot, they are refreshing their mind in high school games. You and one of their friends are sitting in a room and start group study and discussing some topic. After getting free from exams they both went at tea party at Jennifers place and have a tea party there and meet many friends and enjoying a lot there after exams in college life with dream girlfriend.

Two years later, they both are enjoying job celebration at her place and both are looking satisfy from their lives. Now they go to bachelors party they are enjoying a lot there with friends , they are all looking very happy and both are making love stories and celebrating their wedding party and share their wedding album and videos with their friends.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Virtual Girlfriend: Romance With Naughty Girl.


Developer: Ali Awan

Recent changes: new release.

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