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VIRNECT Remote 2.0

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game VIRNECT Remote 2.0.

VIRNECT Remote is a remote support APP which connects the office and industrial sites together in real-time. You can conveniently share the onsite issues through voice / video chat, combined with AR technology to the experts, to quickly resolve your problems in real-time.

1. Efficient remote support
- Share onsite videos with the expert in the office for troubleshooting of large installations or when maintenance is needed.
- Your video screen can be recorded along with the shared information. From the very beginning stage of problem to the end, the recording file can be saved and be used for educational material.

2. Extremely precise, yet flexible communication support.
- The experts know-hows can be shown on the actual equipment via pointing and drawing features.
- Utilize AR features to perform a precise remote support.
- Handle your problems by sharing texts, images, and documents (PDF) in real-time. The task information such as users manuals can be received and checked.

3. Unlimited compatibility
- VIRNECT Remote is compatible with SmartGlasses, Smartphones, Tablets and PC. With SmartGlasses, you can use both hands freely.

[Notice on allowing accesses]
There are two types of access types, one is essentially required to use the service, another one is optional.

[Essentially required accesses]
Needed to maintain user authentication status.
Needed for video call service.
Needed for voice call service.
[Optionally required accesses]
-Screen capture
Mobile phone screen access is needed to deliver AR recording delivery service.


[Customer service center]
[Payment center]
[Phone number]
-This is the APP for enterprises. Please purchase licenses from the payment center (web) to use.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game VIRNECT Remote 2.0.


Developer: VIRNECT CO., LTD.

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