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Usshh is a New-Age Sports Recruitment platform that has been specifically designed to cater to all corners of the sporting industry. It doesnt matter if you are looking for an elite or professional sporting opportunity or if you are looking for a club to play for socially. Usshh has catered to everyones needs.
Usshh is unique in several ways. It is free to join and use for all individuals, schools, clubs, universities.
It has a unique sponsorship feature that helps individuals, sports teams, and sports organisations seek sponsorship in an easier and simpler form. This feature also helps businesses streamline the amount they want to sponsor annually, who they specifically want to sponsor, and have greater control on sponsorship requests whilst reducing painstaking time previously spent on sponsorship application requests.
Usshh has also developed our signature, Shoulder Tap feature. This is where an individual can go and shoulder tap any school, club, university to seek their next opportunity. It also allows for this feature to be used by schools, clubs and businesses to shoulder tap any talent they wish to recruit.
Usshh is simple to join and use. Just, build your profile to show your game, search for opportunities and connect directly with the school, club or University of your choice. No need for agents to do this for you as Usshh has made this easy and free to use by anyone.
In 2023, Usshh is predicting to be the fastest growing Sports Recruitment platform globally.

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Developer: Usshh Sports Recruitment

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