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To be able to visit or live in the US, many residents of different countries need visas. Visas are stamps in your passport that give you the right to travel to various countrie
What is an Immigrant Visa?
Immigrant visas give its holders the right to stay in the US permanently. Whereas with a US nonimmigrant visa, the person is required to return to their home country when their visa expires, an immigrant visa does not expire. It allows you to live, work, and study in the US or engage in any activity you like.

Once you get the immigrant visa, you do not need to renew it or extend it. It is valid permanently unless you engage in an illegal activity in the US to have your immigrant visa revoked. The immigrant visa does not constrain you to stay in the US, but you can travel in and out of the US anytime you want and not have your visa in danger of being revoked or cancelled as long as you have a valid Re-entry Permit.

Additionally, if you live in the US for a specified period of time without any violations, you can also apply for a citizenship and if approved, you will become a US citizen.s. A US visa allows you to make plans to visit or live in the US.

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