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Play this online game named unicycle.

in unicycle you have three choices: cycle forward, cycle backward or don't do anything at all. that's it. and all you have to do is stay upright long enough to get to the end.

unicycle is a game of patience. feel free to remind yourself of that as you're itching to hurry past the wrecking ball for the 10th time today. unsurprisingly, it will knock you off for the 10th time today. convince yourself you'll be more patient next time. ha. good one.

normal mode for anyone who cares about their mental health
insane mode for those who do not

to add to your frustrations, an advert will show every couple of minutes when you fall off. this allows us to keep making games. you can save yourself much annoyance - and help us out even more - by paying a small cost to remove these.



fixed bugs



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