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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Ultimate Score Games +.

Ultimate Score Games allows to count the points of various games.

No need for a sheet, pencil, calculator, Ultimate Score Games allows you to count everything at any time.

Available Games:
Dice Games:
Dice 10000, Yam's, Yahtzee, the boat the captain and his crew, Zombie Dice

Card Games:
French Tarot, Belote, Coinche, Rated, Rummy, Crazy Eights, Rook, Yellow Dwarf, Cribbage, Caracole, Manille, Queen of Spades, Yaniv, The 18th

Board Games:
Dominoes, King of the Dwarves, Uno, Scrabble, 6 Nimmt, Triominos, 1000 Bornes, Lost Cities, Papayoo, Skyjo, Blokus, Ferility, Carcassone, Rummikub, Ligretto, Qwirkle, Mastermind, Draftosaurus, Phase 10, Gang of Four, Captain Carcasse, Carrom, DOS, Catan, Agricola Family, Piraten Kapern, Five Crowns, Skip Bo, King of the Dice, Las Vegas, Nyet

Games of skill:
Mlkky, 501 Double Out, 301 Double Out, No Score Cricket, Score Cricket, Cut-Throat Cricket (Darts), Petanque, Precision Shot, Archery (Indoor Target Archery, Outdoor Target Archery, Field Archery, 2D Archery, 3D Archery), Cornhole

Video games : Hill Climb Racing 2 (HCR2)

If the desired game is not referenced, a "Free Game" mode is available with a generic counter. This mode also allows you to create a game for more customization.

A history of games and statistics per player and per game is available.

Want to change, variants can be put in place.

Ultimate Score Games is an application that allows you to play essential games but also to discover new ones.

The import / export of the application database is available to transfer your parts from the free application to the payphone or from one smartphone to another.

It is also possible to share the games played on Facebook or to export them to an excel file.

It also manages the notion of deaths for games requiring a definite number of players such as Tarot or Belote.

The free version allows you to record up to 5 games with 10 players maximum and only one player picture. The variants are disabled.

Connected mode allows you to share your games with other users of the application by creating dedicated groups!

This paid version activates all these features.

Feel free to send me your comments, bugs and of course the new games you want to appear in the app: [email protected].

Permission requests:
Take photos: to add a photo to a player
See contacts: to retrieve a picture of a contact
Playing SD card content: to record the taken picture and assign it to a player
Internet: To import / export your data from a google account

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Ultimate Score Games +.


Developer: Stéphane Tokar

Recent changes: Addition of Cornhole, Five Crowns, Skip Bo, The 18th, King of the Dice, Las Vegas, Nyet games (Thanks to JCI, J, LC, RV, FS, SH, YP!)

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