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Trade mods for Minecraft PE

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Play this online game named Trade mods for Minecraft PE.

Trade mods for Minecraft PE adds a Minecraft Pocket Edition as the PC version. Now that trade minecraft exists, you can sell your unwanted things in exchange for them a certain amount of emeralds. In emeralds you will be able to buy things and items that You more than necessary.

Trade in minecraft is a great modification that will allow You to feel as a trader that will sell wholesale unnecessary things in exchange for good pay, but also buying with the proceeds of "money" more necessary things.

How to trade?
To start trading in Minecraft Pocket Edition You will need to find the village where you will find resident. Go to the resident - on screen button will appear: "Trade". Click on the button "Trade" to go into the trading interface.

In the graphical trading interface you will be able to buy and sell certain things or giving in return for the emeralds. For example we want to sell our coal, we find the icon with the coal and click on the selected frame to the left under the emerald.

The screen displays your inventory, which will show you your set of elements.

Click on the coal in your inventory and enter the quantity of coal to sell. In our case we have over 18 units of coal will receive 1 emerald, so we immediately put the stack of coal to get 3 emeralds.

When we put the charcoal in the box, we can click on the arrow that is pointing to the right to exchange units of 64 coal for 3 emeralds. The rest of the unnecessary coal will remain a frame.

Same you can do with other various things. But you can buy things for emeralds in the same way, just instead of poklast some sort of object in the corresponding window, You need to put emerald.

Trade mods for Minecraft PE is an unofficial App. The Name, Brand and the Assets are all property of Mojang AB or they respectful owner.




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