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It is a fleet management and vehicle security software.

Features And Benefits:

Support +100 Brand & +500 Models GPS Tracker Hardware

Teltonika ,Ruptela , BCE ,Meitrack ,Queclink ,Atrack ,Gallileosky ,Gosafe , Haicom ,Tramgo ,Globalsat ,Topflytech ,Coban ,Concox ,iStartek ,Bofan ,Geneco ,Xexun ,Castel ,Amwell ,Car tracking , fleet tracking ,Suntech ,Sanav ,Megastek ,Auto Leaders ,AutoFon ,C2STEK ,Fifotrack ,Gator ,LKGPS ,Pretrace ,Telic Picotrack ,Tracker ,TKSTAR ,Totem Tech ,Tracker Technology ,TrackPro ,...

Reports Builder ( Creator )

Trend software has got more than 22 models of default reports for different according to your needs. You can also set to get reports on a scheduled basis right through to your email (Daily and Weekly)
some of them are Events , Repair and Maintenance , Geo-fence , Travels, Stops and Parkings , driver Behavior , Fuel Thefts , Fuel Filling , Temperature and

Statement of Driver Behavior

Eco Driving and Green Driving is a good solution for owners of devices TELTONIKA
This statement is a product complicated Processing data and give to you this items :
Total working and Total Parking (time & distance)
Over speed duration , Over speed score , Harsh acceleration count , Harsh acceleration score ,
Harsh braking count , Harsh braking score ,
Harsh cornering count , Harsh cornering score

Manage Repair and Maintenance

Trend has a good solution to manage repairs and maintenance for your fleet
Stop wasting!!!
You can add the time and amount of the latest service and add the remaining deadline
This module work by three value : Odometer (Km/Mile) ,Engine hours (H) and Time (Days)
This module give you notification before deadline also You can get reports of this module

Features And Benefits

Communication with the driver
Safe maintenance of history data
Event builder with scenario
Send command with scenario
Input sensors calibration
6 Month history data
Show nearest POI to vehicle
Web-base mobile version
Location and address search
The lowest cost
Do sophisticated solution

You need to purchase a device and a password to use the system.
GPS Trackers Suitable For Transportation Fleet And Logistics.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Tracking Software.


Developer: FleetTrend

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