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Game Introduction
Tower Breeder is a full-map tower defense game with super cuteness. In the game, players need to use layout strategies to eliminate all invading monsters. Cunning monsters will use the shortest distance to invade. You must build various battle towers or obstacles on the map, make monsters spend longer time to reach the end, thus destroying monsters. Different battle towers have different special effects, such as electric tower, water tower, fire tower, slowdown and stun, etc. Also can let you kill monsters! The game is played in a level-breaking mode, the difficulty of the level is gradual, and different styles of levels are waiting for you to challenge!

Game Features
* There are 100+ funny monsters, they have their own attributes, and 100+ battle towers to deal with monsters with different attributes.
* Extract hero towers and add attributes after upgrading! Various hero towers are waiting for you to discover!
* A unique turret can be synthesized based on monster attributes, combining attributes and skills into one.
* Each level has 1-10 waves of monsters, which can be fun to play in a short time!

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Developer: Bamboo Dragonfly

Recent changes: -Bug fixes and performance improvements
-Open to stage 200
-Open new quests

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