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Top War Boys

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Top War Boys -Mini Battle Game.

First One-Touch Casual Game with Guided Missions - Like No Other we know of.

Hold to command the squad to make your way through different terrains to complete missions.
Your strategy and reaction time will be put to the test here. But have you got what it takes to reach the end, unscathed?

Some unique features:
1. Ultra-Unique Theme
2.One touch control
3. 48+ Guided mission
4. Full featured Arcade game yet truly Snack-able Hyper-Casual

Among us is a game which is very easy to play yet gives the same experience as the giant games which take infinite time to start playing.
This game with bright colours and beautiful graphics will bring back your nostalgic memory.No dying with blood, simple death effects no red bloodshot.If you don't like action games you better eat candy watch Pokemon on mobile play with bloons, toy or pool balls, minecraft etc not with knife.People who loved contra, pubg, shadow gun will love this game.Halo to all the lovers of Hitman, Ninja ,Fighters, Sniper, Assassin games.
Oh God! To end the combat and rush for thrones is impossible project to end but its the duty of creed of commandos to be ready in a fortnite and run for every call to war cry until they die like a King's man who is always ready with his metal warhammer to die for his master.To guard and fight back for the frontiers of a kingdom and its honour is a duty of every Warrior. Cruise through jungle and recon Far away uncharted battlegrounds and waters to hunt down and crush the enemy in battle. Top core original Star commandos who stand in front line like black ops will never fight to earn coin or medal or to get rich or become land lords or cashier and will never assault the killer.

You need to be fast and furious yet be careful as your mission is not hellsinger suicide but a returnal blast with bright victory.Move like Maverick Grand Royale with Heads Up High in Chorus with your allied squad but in Identity Stealth with makeover like ghost.Prove our monopoly, show them their destiny and teach the Imposter a stacky wacky lesson before they take to heels as they just need a perfect hit of Free Fire gun shooting as exomecha. Remember there is no speed / time limit but you don't want to look like a helpless widow moreover faster you accomplish a mission the faster you get new contracts.

An action game like no other where you guide a Squad to achieve missions.With one touch controls,Smooth Game play,Beautiful graphics,AI enabled drone to cover for the Squad.Make your way around different locations and pulling down the missions one by one! with Rock climbing, crawling roof, crossing rails, high jumps from broken bridges like Mutants using Shortcut.Small quick tasks with a good story lines like Tom Clancy's.All the tasks which are evolved as your go forward will be instructed to you by a sturdy voice of a higher authority.

Following are some of the missions

"The Batallion 309 has gone rogue. They stole 2 military tanks and hid it in opposite directions to wreak havoc, find and blast the tank on the Eastern side

"Now move to the west side of the territory, find the other stolen tank and blast it as soon as possible

"Helicopter is arriving to rescue your team. Reach at the coordinates provided

"Our neighbouring country broke the connectivity bridge and held captive our agents to fulfil their unruly demands. You must rescue our agents before the bridge collapses.

"Bad news Officer !! Your team is in danger.Our friends have turned foes, you must escape their territory quickly to save your lives and the only way out is the old bridge. Cross the bridge and wait for the next orders.

"OK! Great! Now it's time to get back, move to the city and other agents will guide you to escape from there.If you get back safely you will make me very Happy.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Top War Boys -Mini Battle Game.


Developer: Black Chilli Car Racing Games

Recent changes: . Changed UI
. Changed Icon
. Changed Graphics
. Minor Bugs Solved

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