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The Caesar Cipher

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Play this online game named The Caesar Cipher.

This is the Caesar Cipher App for Android! You can use it to encrypt or decrypt any message you want with the most famous cipher: the Caesar Cipher.

Named after the roman emperor Julius Caesar, the cipher uses a simple substitution mechanism where each message letter is replaced by another cipher letter. Which cipher letter is used depends on the number of shifts, e.g. a shift of 3 converts an "A" into a "D". When decrypting a ciphertext the shift is reversed so that you end up with the original message.

Try it out for yourself and have fun!


Update 1.1 for the Caesar Cipher!
- New startup screen
- Customized landscape view for better performance
- Updated screen icons / customized for each screen resolution

The next update 1.2 will come soon! You can expect some cool new features, there will be a new button... But for now, have fun with 1.1!



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