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The 2022 Film Awards Quiz A+

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game The 2022 Film Awards Quiz A+.

The 2022 Film Awards Quiz A+ contains over 340 questions covering Oscar nominated movies and actors from 1929 through the present.

You will become as familiar with early names such as Olivier and Davis as you may already be with modern ones such as Pitt or Streep, and discover that Streep is not the only actor to have double-digit nominations.

Extremely simple to play. Tap Get Question to display a question, select your answer, and then tap Check Answer to see if it was correct.

You gain two points for each correct answer, and lose one point for each incorrect answer. There is no penalty for skipping a question. Just tap Get Question again to display a different question. Since the questions cover the Oscar nominees from 1929 through the present day, they can be fun and challenging as they may cover recent nominees or ones from decades ago.

All data was drawn from The Internet Movie Database ( the Academy database, Tim Dirks AMC Filmsite (, and Wikipedia.

The 2020 Film Awards Quiz A+ is a member of the Film Awards Quiz family of apps:
Film Awards Quiz C+ covers Oscar nominated cinematographers
Film Awards Quiz D+ covers Oscar nominated directors
Film Awards Quiz E+ covers Oscar nominated editors
Film Awards Quiz AA covers Oscar nominated African Americans
Black Panther Quiz covers the 2018 movie Black Panther.

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