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Do you feel that people management is not your forte? Do you believethat your work productivity can increase if management overheads could be eased out? If your answers to both the above questions is a yes, then the Task tracker application is your solution to resolve and simplify people management.

Task Tracker, is a people management application created by Script Technology a well known mobile app development company in Noida. The application is available for play online on both Apple store and Google Playstore. With a simple sign inprocedure the application is easy to navigate given its intuitive and user friendly interface which promotes greater usability. Based on the different business roles , users are entitled with different permission sets. Eg. a manager can assign and monitor the task assigned to the juniors. Priority can also be assigned to different tasks so that users can undertake the task accordingly. It is effective as tracking of the assigned work becomes simplified and one is able to get a concrete picture of the work progression. It also allows better work management. In case of any adhocrequirement changes, task changes can be effectively done so to promote conformity in work. Task tracker also provides instant notification so the user is saved from the hassle of checking in the application very frequently. The application is integrated with different social platforms such as WhatsApp to facilitateconnectivity.

A basic three step procedure is all it takes to work on the application. Once a user has logged in, they can add a task. The task is then assignedto an individual. Once the assignment is completed the taskis closed. Based on the user punch in and punch out time their work hours can be gaugedeffectively. Performance of an individual can also be accessed by the application. A unique feature of the application is geotagging which means that when a user closes their assignedtasks, the location is also saved. This revolutionary feature can be a game changer in different industries such as manufacturing, real estate management, education and coaching business and ecommerce as it helps in authenticating the location of a user. Various other industries such as order ticket delivery service, IT industry can rely on the application for assuring higher employee efficiencyand accountability.

Task tracker is highly secure with SSL encryption certificates onall its pages. It canrender itself all different screen sizes and resolutions. Individuals are able to login only throughtheir verified personalcredentials. Committed to data privacy and compliances, no user location or any personal data pertaining to any user is saved by the company. Get a free 60 day trial now and watch the return on investment on managing people grow leaps and bounds.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Task Tracker.


Developer: Script Technology

Genre: Business

App version: 1.7

App size: 49M


Finally found the best application! It is extremely easy to set-up and use. Every required feature is provided. Saved my enormous time and made my work easier. Excellent Hassle-Free Experience!

Very nice app allowing tracking of daily working activities. it allows organizing time and predicting expected duration of each activity. it's easy to use with a friendly interface. it's really a nice application for a very good idea.

Great experience with app, easy to use and very simple to understand. WhatsApp notifications is a big plus point

I use Task Tracker everyday for my work and I really love it's simplicity. I don't have to maintain any other To-Do List as it shows me everything visually. Great App

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