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Swiss-German English Dict.

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Swiss-German English Dictionary is the first comprehensive dictionary for English to Swiss-German and vice versa. It contains 6000 entries with audio and 11100 explanations, examples and phrases. Full-text search is provided as well.

The Swiss-German dialect differs in pronunciation, vocabulary and partially also in grammar from the High German standard. Therefore Swiss-German English Dictionary contains the most important vocabulary and numerous expressions which are only used in Switzerland. For all words you can hear how they are pronounced in Switzerland by a native speaker. With Swiss-German English Dictionary you can learn to conjugate the verbs in Swiss-German and how to correctly form the plural of the nouns.

Who can benefit most from Swiss-German English Dictionary?
This app is ideal for all who want to move to the German speaking part of Switzerland and for all who want to better understand the dialect spoken in the greater Zurich area.

Features of the app include:
Swiss-German English Dictionary works 100% offline, no internet connection is needed
It contains 6000 entries Swiss-German English and vice versa
11100 explanations, examples and common phrases
Vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar as they are common in the greater Zurich area
The dictionary is suitable for everyday life, travel and leisure
All entries are spoken by Swiss-German native speakers
It contains tips and tricks for quickly finding expressions using alternate spellings

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Developer: Peter Schorn

Recent changes: Vocabulary improvements

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