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A quick and easy to use calendar application that provides different calendar views that are easy to switch between so you can visualize your events in the way that is most helpful to you. Fast and easy to use for adding new events and finding upcoming ones.

Keep track of your fitness. Initial templates provided for swimming, running, cycling, walking, weights, yoga, rowing, etc. Enter your fitness distances and/or durations. Keep track of your fitness history on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Create templates for your most used fitness activities or any other events and appointments. Select an icon from icons by icons8, add a icon background color, and add relevant event fields.

Manage your life. Keep track of appointments with reminders and recurrence.

The application is integrated exclusively with G* calendar. Your fitness, events and appointments in Google's cloud! App requires a network connection. Offline support available too.

Fast and easy to use.
Day, week, month, agenda, template views.
Gesture based navigation to switch between views with a horizontal swipe.
Gesture based navigation to increase and decrease a unit of time (day, week, month) with a vertical swipe.
Gesture based scaling of hours and days in the week view with pinch zoom.
Month view single tap day to show popup of day's events.
Month view double tap day to go to day view.
Month view long press to create new event on that day.
From the drawer menu quickly add your most used events.
Extremely customized templates for your most used events or appointments.
Choose a custom icon from icons by Icons8, contacts, gallery.
Choose a event color from a beautiful color picker.
Custom event fields such as distance, number, currency, rating bar, single image, list single choice, symptoms, etc..
Standard event fields such as location, recurrence, reminders, guests, time zone, etc..
Single image field to store low resolution image directly in the event.
Guest and email fields use auto completion to contacts.
Phone field pick from contacts or use keypad.
Ability to lock to a specific time zone... useful when travelling.
Tap to action for location, phone, email, web site.
Week and month cumulative statistics grid view.
Week, month and year statistics views with bar chart for totals. Useful for achieving fitness goals, or other goals.
Event reminders.
Ability to snooze a reminder.
Exclusively uses G* calendar while online.
Tablet support. Multi-pane view for day, week and agenda views.
Search for specific event.
Reports for statistics and event to export as PDF file.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game SwimWiz Fitness Log+.


Developer: Adgaze

Recent changes: Android 12 support

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