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Sweet Little Emma Winterland play online

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Sweet Little Emma Winterland

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Play this online game named Sweet Little Emma Winterland.

Winter has come and Sweet Little Emma's Dreamland turned to Winterland!

Wake Sweet Little Emma from her dream to play and enjoy a wonderful winter day in her snowy Dreamland! Start from her frosty strawberry house and help baby girl Emma get ready for a new day in a Winterland. Have breakfast and go play winter games outside!

In Sweet Little Emma Winterland there is still so much more to discover:
> Clean up and dress up Emma’s pony. Feed cute white bunnies and cheeky bullfinch birds in her snow garden!
> Run your own cozy tea party with Emma's friends and go figure skating on the ice rink!
> Prepare a fragrant spa bath for Emma and surprise her with beauty face masks!
> Create the cutest outfits for Emma by mixing and matching all sorts of winter time apparel in a dress up game!


*** Emma’s Frosty STRAWBERRY HOUSE - Free to Play ***
Little Emma just woke up! Before starting a day with healthy breakfast, Emma has to make her bed.
Then you will help baby girl Emma wash her face in the bathroom and brush her teeth. Done? Excellent!
Now enter the kitchen and have breakfast with Emma. She will be supper happy and ready for cool adventures in her snow Winterland!
Play again to collect TutoCOINS and unlock two more games, Snow Slide and Ice Rink!

*** Take Care of Emma‘s HORSE! ***
Go to horse stable and help Emma clean up, feed, take care and dress up her funny pet horse.
As a reward, you will get a bonus scene and hear a classic song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"!

*** Dress Up ***
Scarves and hats, sweaters and mittens, tights, socks and boots. All parts of Emma's perfect winter time fashion designs!
Enjoy Winter Fashion Mania, a dress up game for little girls and toddlers!
Create tons of outfits for Emma by selecting from all sorts of winter time apparel!

*** Feed Animals & Be Creative in the GARDEN! ***
First feed white cute bunnies with carrots and cheeky bullfinch birds with grain in Emma’s snow garden!
Then you can scratch on ice and awaken amazing ice figures and shapes to life!

*** Play TEA TIME! ***
After all adventures in the Garden, Emma wants to relax. What can be better than having a fantastic tea party with plenty of delicious desserts in the cozy room? Help sweet little Emma make tea and cut yummy snacks. Play and learn to share - Emma always shares a cup of tea and a slice of delicious cake with her friends!

*** Relax in a Winter Dream SPA! ***
Emma always finds time for her dream Spa. She loves to sit in a warm bubbly bath and listen to relaxing music.
Prepare a fragrant Spa bath for Emma, give her a hot stone massage and apply beauty face masks!

*** Build a Snowman & Play MUSIC! ***
Emma likes to play and listen to music very much! Join Emma in her snow garden and build your own cheerful snowmen.
Awaken the snowmen with different music instruments to life.
Tap the snowmen to see cute animations and hear funny music and sound effects! You will love it!

*** Have Fun with SNOW SLIDE & ICE RINK - Unlock Both Games with 1000 TutoCOINS! ***
Emma loves ballet and figure skating. Enjoy Emma's dance on the ice accompanied by beautiful classic music - Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake - Four Little Swans"!
Tap Sweet Little Emma and see her ice dance moves!
Enjoy cool action by the Snow Slide and collect coins to unlock more game features!

*** Collect Super Cute Stickers! ***
Sweet little baby Emma has a very beautiful sticker book.
Every time you reach a new level, you will get a sticker as a reward.
Collect all 12 cute girly stickers!

*** TV Time! ***
Tap the TV, watch kids videos with Emma and get extra coins!

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