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Under the slogan (Feed and Benefit), the Swap Jo application was launched, which is primarily a specialized application
With classified ads that allow its users to display everything that is redundant and exchange it for something of equal value with ease.
The objectives of this application were multiplied under the same slogan in light of the suffocating economic crisis afflicting the citizens, and we took it upon ourselves to provide our services through four main axes, namely:
1. Optimum utilization of resources, replacement of all that is superfluous to our needs, and reduction of scraps in household and commercial stores without losing their real value.
2. Marketing and promoting skills and expertise and achieving a suitable will and income by displaying them in the application.
3. Finding a platform that collects prices and discounts in stores, shops and malls.
4. Collect and collect money by collecting points based on well-known marketing strategies in the world of trade and marketing.

There is a list of electronics that allows the user to replace electronic devices separately
whether; From heavy equipment such as printers, televisions, etc. to devices
Computer, mobile devices, video games and many more.
The browser can also browse the fashion list specialized in fashion
Accessories and baby supplies, as well as perfumes and lotions
Cosmetic and many more options. He can also find the home menu
Which shows him all available ads about home furnishings and what he needs
From electrical equipment and special accessories.
Swap Jo seeks to facilitate
The process of searching for household, medical, electrical and technical services
And other services that are very popular.
Then comes a list of cars and vehicles, which is a destination for the first
For those looking to offer their cars for exchange, whether they are
New or used and without any commission imposed. and serve list
Real Estate There are many people looking to rent, buy, or even offer any real estate
for allowance.
Swap Jo finds the need for job seekers and offers them the latest available job opportunities or exchange their skills for their needs.
You can find all this in the Swap Jo application, which we aspire to be the first in exchange services, marketing and quotations.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Swap JO.


Developer: Swap JO

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