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Stuffalicious Find My Stuff

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Play this online game named Stuffalicious Find My Stuff.

Find your stuff around your home, your garage, your work place, your car, anywhere, using keyword searches and photos.

Do you ever have these problems?
* Can't remember where you put something, and now you need it?
* Had to buy something from the store even though you were sure that you had one at home, but you just couldn’t find it?
* You put something in a "special" safe place, and now you can't find it anywhere?
* You got something years ago and you have no idea where it is now?
* You think you might have a certain thing somewhere in your home, maybe, but you’re not sure?
* Wish you were more organized but you you can't find the time?
If so, this app is for you!

It is so easy to find your stuff when you catalog your stuff with this app.
What you do is:
* Describe your stuff that you want to be able to find again,
* Take two photos of the stuff with the app:
--- One close-up so you can see exactly what the stuff looks like,
--- One photo from further away, so you know where to find it.
This app becomes your own personal encyclopedia about all your things.
Having a description and two photos of each of your possessions stored in the app makes finding things easy!

Organized - Not!:
Here’s the wonderful weird thing:
* You don’t need to worry any more about “getting organized”!
* You leave everything just where it is in your home, and simply describe it and take photos of it in this app, and then you can find your stuff whenever you want, without being a neat-freak!!
* This app means actually you don’t have to be organized!

What Information?:
You can use this app to track information about:
* what’s in your bedroom chest of drawers,
* what’s in your kitchen drawers,
* what’s tucked away on your bookshelf,
* what’s stored in your shelving in the laundry,
* what’s stored in which boxes in your craft room,
* where you hid your old diaries from years gone by,
* where you put the emergency flashlight and torch,
* where you put the leather cleaner for your lounge suite,
* and so on.

What You Do:
For each thing you want to be able to find again:
* Add a new entry into this app by clicking a button with a + sign on it.
* Describe what the stuff is, for example "Cream for cleaning the leather lounge suite”.
* Take two photos:
--- a close-up so you know what it looks like,
--- a distance shot so you know where to find it.

Keyword Search:
On the home screen you can search your possessions so that you can find the stuff you're looking for. Once you see the record for the stuff you want, open up the record and there will be your two photos of the stuff.

Save Money:
This app can save you real money: because instead of going out to buy “another” one of whatever you need from the store, you can find the one you’ve already got in your home!

How To Get The Best Out Of This App:
* Go through all those cupboards that you have no idea what is in them, and just add new entries into the app and take photos of your stuff.
* It will take a bit of time to do that initially, but it will definitely save you time and money in the end.

Your Data Can Be:
* Exported to email,
* Saved to PDF printable document,
* Moved to SD card.

Password Protection:
* You can keep prying eyes away from your important data by putting a password on this app if you wish to.


You can record your first 30 records for free.

To provide feedback, please email: [email protected]
Visit our web site:

This product is Made in Australia.
Copyright (c) 2015 Droid Journey.
This is the property of Droid Journey and the source code and decompiled
code may not be copied or used in any way. The software is distributed
either express or implied.


Brand new app first released late 2015!
Now has: * Export to email; * Save to PDF printable document; * Move to SD card; * Plus many additional enhancements.



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