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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Step by Step Sudoku Solver.

This unique Sudoku Solver app serves as a user's Sudoku guide and a Sudoku coach. It provides Sudoku tips and an understanding of Sudoku strategies while helping solve Sudoku Puzzles.

In order to learn to solve Sudoku Puzzles, the user needs to enter any Sudoku Puzzle he may have come across.

This Sudoku Solver app gives a step-by step walkthrough to the solution by displaying each Sudoku solution step to any entered Sudoku Puzzle. This particular feature is particularly useful if the user is stuck in a Sudoku Puzzle and needs to know how to solve the next step. One may consider this app as a Sudoku Cheat app in a manner.

A user can learn basic techniques (Singles and Hidden Singles) as well as few advanced Sudoku Solving techniques and strategies like X Wing and X-Y Wing and very advanced algorithms including X-chain and X-Y Chain. This enables users of this app to learn some useful Sudoku tips and Sudoku techniques.

How to Solve Sudoku Puzzle using this app:
- Fill the board (grid) with the Sudoku clues of the Sudoku Puzzle
- The app solves the Sudoku Puzzle as the Sudoku board is filled
- As soon as a solution for the Sudoku Puzzle is reached, the user gets a notification that the Sudoku is Solved
- Clicking on "Show Solution Steps" takes the user to Sudoku Solution Mode
- Clicking on 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons on the screen will give a walkthrough on the steps used to solve the Sudoku Puzzle, just like a Sudoku Solving Tutorial
- Sudoku Solving steps are represented both graphically and textually for detailed Sudoku understanding

Additional Features of this Sudoku Solver App
- As the Sudoku Grid is filled, the app displays if the grid has one or more than one solution
- Entering a number which is logically not possible in a certain square is not allowed
- The app dynamically checks if placing a particular number causes any errors in the Sudoku Solution and does not allow the entry
- It is not necessary to fill the entire Sudoku grid before checking solution steps
- The app uses various algorithms (techniques) to solve the Sudoku Puzzle. User may select or deselect algorithms in the menu
- If the user feels the app is taking too many steps to Solve the Sudoku, he/ she may select "Quick Steps" from the menu
- In addition to functioning as a Sudoku Solver app users may use this app to create new Sudoku Puzzles easily

Limitations of this Sudoku Solver App
- Very Difficult (Hard)/ Nightmarish Sudoku Puzzles are not solvable by the app.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Step by Step Sudoku Solver.



Recent changes: -New Cleaner Icon
-Option for users to not reveal solutions while filling Sudoku Grid

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