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Note (ID): Untuk menggunakan Splendid, organisasi atau company Anda perlu berlangganan Splendid terlebih dahulu. Untuk berlangganan, silakan kontak kami di atau contact kami di +628113320208.

Note (EN): To use Splendid, your organization must subscribe to our service first. To subscribe, please contact us at or contact us at +628113320208.

Splendid is an attendance management app with new thinking. It is suitable for office, remote, factories, and F&B workers. It has flexible scheduling system such as fixed, flexible or shifts schedule. It is also a location-based attendance system for check-in, check-out and customer visits.

Splendid MicroApp allows you to create simple apps to suit your company data entry and data capture needs. MicroApp is an easy to use custom form that can be integrated into your attendance workflow. Do you need a sales ordering form that's unique to your type of business? Do you need a checklist to be filled in before a staff can check-out? Or customer meeting data must be filled in before sales person leave's customer premise? Or a checklist must be filled in before your staff can check-out? Splendid MicroApp can do that.

Splendid can be integrated into your backend with our upcoming Push API. Do you want to notify to Slack when the sales people visit a specific customer? Or do you want to turn off the office lights when the last person check-out? As long as your back-end system or middleware can handle HTTP and with some programming (any programming languages), any kind of workflows are pretty much achievable.

We also understand that information and its delivery are the key to operational success for any organizations. Provide centralized information with our Bulletin system, and engage them with useful News. Do you need to send out new product information? Or change in HR arrangement? Put them in Splendid Bulletin. There's a simle analytics also to track the content engagement.

There's more. Please check our website at for more info.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Splendid.


Developer: PT. Garasilabs Manivesta

Genre: Business

App version: 1.2.15

App size: 12M


Great Application! Now our sales team all over country we can monitors his/her attendance; Highly recommended apps!!!

Aplikasi gk bisa dibuka

Absensinya lengkap

Wah bagus nih, bisa atur jadwal & absen karyawan jd simple

Good app'

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