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Welcome to SOLARE Life, your portal to:


I have designed this app as a sanctuary,
a nourishing, comforting and healing place to come
when you need a few moments of peace,
to fill up your energy and lighten your spirits!

How are you feeling in yourself?

- Are you feeling so much you cant even name?
- Are you feeling stressed more than usual?
- Do you ever get taken over by a wave of worry or overwhelm?
- Does your energy flag in the middle of the day?
- Are you having trouble sleeping at night?
- Do you feel you carry the world on your shoulders or in your heart?
- Do you wish life was easier?
- Are you pushing the limit?
- Is this taking a toll on your relationships?
- Do you long to express your heart and creativity more boldly in the world?
- But wonder how you can help others when youre stretched thin?

Do you wish you had somewhere to go to just get back in balance?
Do you wish you had guidance and support?

I have designed this app as a place to come when you need:
- a few moments to take care of your own needs
- to let go and relax
- or to fill up your energy and lighten your spirits
- to tune into what inspires you,
- and your creativity, your resourcefulness
- some encouragement
- a wise word of guidance (yes we have a wonderful oracle)

These tips and techniques can work for you
even if you only have a few minutes here and there during your day
(or at night if youre having trouble sleeping.)

Here, explore a variety of techniques and tools
for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing
based on ancient wisdom teachings,
with practical application perfect for your current lifestyle.

These offerings were born out of an understanding
of what our bodies, minds and spirits
need now to come into balance in order to thrive
in this time of dynamic change.

Try out:
- a quick pick-me-up breathing exercise
- a vigorous movement technique to get your energy back again
- an easy, refreshing step-by-step sequence to fit your lifestyle
- a gentle voice to guide you through a technique to calm and relax you
- audio to listen to while you work or sleep
- inspiring yoga and meditation music
- a guided meditation to connect with your inner wisdom
- sound healing

Or go deeper:
- uncover and express your authentic voice
- explore the archetypal energies
that inform your emotional wellbeing and purpose in life
- learn more about the unseen forces and cycles
that govern your work and relationships
- so you can design your work-flow and your day-to-day life
to foster your creativity and resilience
- build harmonious relationships
with your family, co-workers and intimate partner
- explore evolutionary parenting
- learn about spiritual alchemy
- support your ascension journey
- shine your inner light

Perhaps people have suggested that you try yoga or meditation
or youve tried it before and it wasnt the right time or place,
and it just didnt seem to work for you.
Its not about you!
Its because there's a piece missing!
Here youll have a chance to feel the benefits
that will keep you coming back for more!

We welcome you to join a community of like-hearted people
to raise each other up through shared vision,
in appreciation of the unique essence each one of us brings to the whole.
We foster an ecology of participation in the vitality of life
by giving and receiving lovingkindness in relationship with each other,
with the natural world and the whole ecosystem of the planet.

Welcome to SOLARE Life
your portal to finally shine your light
so you can illuminate the world
with your brilliance!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game SOLARE Life.


Developer: Megan Chaskey

Recent changes: - the new Action Lists module is a feature in the app where we will offer you powerful checklists you can use to learn certain messages while also having he option to create your own one time lists (shopping lists for example) or daily or weekly lists (goals, daily lists, etc).  
- Misc bug fixes, slight improvements to most areas of the app that make the experience of our app better.

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