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Soccer Ball Juggle play online

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Soccer Ball Juggle

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Play this online game named Soccer Ball Juggle.

Get ready to practice your soccer / football juggling skills; to become a pro!

Juggle the ball in the air, bounce it off your head, knees, toes and heals; and see how many times you can keep it up in the air. Once the ball hits the ground then you are out!

Might sound simple, but the controls need patience and timing to juggle; just like in real life.

Control one leg at a time, as you prefect your aim and timing to get the ball to bounce where you want and how high you want. Once you master controlling your legs, then get ready to headbutt the ball with your head and send it flying through the sky.

TIP: The controls are like joysticks; use one at a time, and don't flick them or tap them; but put your finger on them and drag around to control your legs with precision.

Timing and precision will get you far!


Collect whistles to unlock new footballs and jerseys from soccer teams all over the world, and build your collection !
All new beautiful 2D artwork assets for the entire game.
Improved gameplay and bug fixes.



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