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Smart switch: Contact Transfer

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Copy My Data Phone Switch

Use the copy my data app and transfer data from one phone to another. Data transfer is now made easy & fast with the copy all data app. Struggling in transferring data from one device to another? Well, with the phone switch, it is no more an issue now. Use this phone switch and transfer files without interruption. Copy my data allows you to copy all the data into the phone so, in case you lose it while transferring, it can be recovered easily. Getting copy data phone switch is not a hard and fast rule. Download 100% free from the play store and transfer data on the go.

Content Transfer Smart Switch

Are you interested in fast and convenient content transfer? Looking for an app to do so? You can do so using the smart switch. The content transfer is made easy with the smart switch app. You only need to connect both phones together to transfer content. Use the smart switch and transfer any kind of data. Content transfer is a piece of cake with the smart switch.

Send Anywhere Easy Share

Use the smart switch and send anywhere data. It does not matter where you are, the send anywhere feature is with you. Send anywhere non-stop and make sharing easy.

Data Transfer Smart Transfer

When it comes to data transfer, everyone wants easiness and convenience, and you get it only with the smart transfer app. Data transfer includes file transfer, audio, video, images, and documents. You can transfer anything with the smart transfer app. With the smart switch app, data transfer is done in seconds. Download the app, connect both devices, and there you are!

Phone Clone & Mobile Transfer

You must be thinking how is data transferred from one phone to another? Well, it is done with a phone clone. Make a phone clone and do a mobile transfer. For a clone phone, both devices should be connected to the internet. The Wi-Fi connection should be stable and in range for the phone clone to work.

Contact Transfer & Phone Transfer

Wondering how to share contacts with your friends? Its simple! Make a contact transfer using the phone transfer app. Contact transfer is easy you only need to select the contact that is to be transferred and press the Send button in the smart switch app. Before the smart switch, contact transfer was a difficult task.

File Transfer Smart Switch Mobile

File transfer is not a problem when you have smart switch mobile. It is very useful for sharing content smartly. Furthermore, the smart switch mobile comprises another gorgeous feature of file transfer from phone to phone. Using the smart switch mobile, users can do file transfer, content transfer, data transfer and send all kinds of files and documents with one tap.

The smart switch mobile can transfer data quickly without using any cable or wire.

How does Switch Mobile Transfers Data?

After installation, switch mobile app requires permission from the user to access the required data.

The user must grant all the permissions the switch mobile app requires.

For sharing data with another device, simply select the file and press Send.

Data is transferred successfully.

Switch Mobile Transfer

With switch mobile transfer, file sharing is made easy. Switch mobile transfer is so far, the most secure app which provides security to shared data and file transfer between one or more devices. Eliminate the risk of data loss by using the switch mobile transfer.


Fast data transfer

Data transfer from phone to phone

Wi-Fi file share

Phone content transfer

Calendar backup

Contacts Backup

Easily create a backup of all your contacts using the smart switch so you do not lose them. Contacts backup is necessary. Create a contacts backup so if you lose them while transferring, they can be recovered easily.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Smart switch: Contact Transfer.


Developer: Limelight Apps

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